The World's Strictest Parents

Opening video

TWSP Intro

TWSP Intro


Reality show

Created by

John Barry

Country, language(s)

English, Dutch

Seasons, episodes


Running time

45 minutes

Production company(s)

Alpha Productions

Original channel, run

Channel 5
September 2014-date

The World's Strictest Parents is a Brunanter television series presented on Channel 5, based on the British series of the same name. The concept is that two unruly teenagers are sent to live abroad with a strict host family for a week in an attempt to change their attitudes and behaviors.


The World's Strictest Parents is based on the British television series. Each episode focuses on two difficult teenagers that are rude or difficult with their parents, spoiled, smoke, drink, do not work and/or study and lead a generally wild lifestyle. The premise is to send them to live with a family abroad for one week, one that is considered to be strict and expected tocounter their unruly behavior. They will try to learn how to fit in a strict and controlled family to see if they will be better upon their return to Brunant. There will be twelve episodes each season plus a final episode to see where the teens are now.


Episode First Aired Teenagers Family Notes
19 Septemberxxxxxx
116 Septemberxxxxxx
123 Septemberxxxxxx
130 Septemberxxxxxx
17 Octoberxxxxxx
121 Octoberxxxxxx
128 Octoberxxxxxx
14 NovemberEmily and Robins family, Amish Kinley, LoviaThe teens are sent to live with a rural amish family in Lovia.
111 Novemberxxxxxx
118 Novemberxxxxxx
12 Decemberxxxxxx
16 Januaryxxxxxx
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