Treason movie trailer

Treason movie trailer

Treason is a 1977 thriller film directed by Antoni Wisnowski and starring Alexander Neyt, Emma Blank and Anthony Swanson. The plot of the film deals with Neyt, a member of an armed group betraying his comrades after they announce a plan to assassinate the Prime Minister. The film was produced by Europa Films.


Neyt (John Carry) is a member of a right-wing organization intent on undermining the socialist government of Brunant. When the group begin planning the assassination of Prime Minister Belker (Swanson), Carry becomes opposed to the group and leaves. He turns to the police and they refuse to believe there is a secret group intent on assassination. But, withing the police there is a young investigator, Matilda (Blank) who believes Carry and agrees to help him track down the group members and stop the assassination.

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