• Happy65

    Football in Brunant

    April 18, 2014 by Happy65

    If you've never heard of Bill Shankly, then that surprises me. Shankly famously said "Some people believe football is a matter of death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important that that". Brunant seems to be based around football, and I'm sure many users will remember Shankly's famous phrase. We've also recently introduced the first portal into Brunant, which unsurprisingly was football. With the rising amount of new recruits following Lovia's downfall, many users want their own football club. Consequently, I decided to make a blog post giving a simple guide to new recruits about Football related topics in Brunant.


    No matter how open the league title is, there's always the good te…

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  • Happy65

    Willemstad Winners

    March 9, 2013 by Happy65

    Another success for FC Willemstad, we have won the 2012-13 Second League. With help of our partner investors, Joma, we will be signing some top players. We are the winners of Willemstad. Be sure to leave suggestions on who we should sign. Brought to you by the Leadership of the Green Party. 

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  • Happy65

    Brunant 2013

    December 27, 2012 by Happy65

    Hello, I am Happy65! I recently had a very important meeting with president Gert Henneman on the Brunant 2013 IWO Games topic and we decided that we could bring the IWO Games back to life instead of putting all of our work and effort to waste by completely cancelling the event and having a truly excellent nation in debt. Not everything has been decided yet but I will tell you what has currently been decided.

    • Gert Henneman (Leader)
    • Peter Wostor (Ceremony Designer)
    • Giovanni Spatola (Head of Football)
    • We would like to thank all staff helping us including Davina Henneman who has retired from the IWO bid now for their contribution to the bid. More staff are also expected to be employed.

    The main venue will be the amazing 40,000 capacity, Koningstadio…

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  • Happy65

    Lovian Embassy

    November 8, 2012 by Happy65

    Hello, I am Happy65, the minister of foreign affairs in Brunant. I have an important announcement to make today. We are now opening the Lovian Embassy in Brunant.

    I was talking with Semyon Breyev, the official minister of foreign affairs in Lovia and I asked Semyon wether or not he would allow a lovian embassy being opened in Lovia. He said he would be very happy to open an embassy in Lovia.

    This will make the Lovian-Brunanter relations even closer than ever before, this also proves that Brunant is the biggest friend of Lovia since we have the first ever official embassy in our country. The lovian immigrants are very happy now.

    It is unknown when the lovian embassy will be opened, it is thought that it will be opened in the next 2 months, since…

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  • Happy65

    Welcome to the Wostor Football News. Today, we will be interviewing the owner of FC Willemstad, Peter Wostor on what his club will be doing in the transfer market.

    Anthony Elteman of Brunant currently plays for Libertas club FC Skeend

    • Wostor Football News: "We've heard that you being the transfer manager, you are looking into the possibility of signing FC Skeend goalkeeper Anthony Elteman, is this true?"
    • Peter Wostor: "I'm very interested in signing Anthony, he is probably our top priority signing since our current keeper is letting in lots of goals. We will have to beat off lots of 1. Liga clubs with high wage offerings though."

    Hans Oudberghen currently plays in the top tier for Charlestown FC

    • Wostor Football News: "Other than Anthony Elteman,…

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