If you've never heard of Bill Shankly, then that surprises me. Shankly famously said "Some people believe football is a matter of death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important that that". Brunant seems to be based around football, and I'm sure many users will remember Shankly's famous phrase. We've also recently introduced the first portal into Brunant, which unsurprisingly was football. With the rising amount of new recruits following Lovia's downfall, many users want their own football club. Consequently, I decided to make a blog post giving a simple guide to new recruits about Football related topics in Brunant.


No matter how open the league title is, there's always the good teams and the bad teams. On top of that, there's always the best teams. In Brunant, the historic best teams were considered to be St. Marks Koningstad and the Grijzestad Strijders who compete in the Eternal Rivalry, the largest and most important rivalry in Brunant. There has also been an influx of other rising teams in recent years in Brunant, including Dortmund SFC, who are considered to be our Manchester City. Dortmund also recently signed the best Brunanter footballer recently, Ibra El-Zein, from St. Marks Koningstad. Mediterranean FC have been the other rising team in recent years, however they have usually been a one-man team with the likes of Antonio Florente and Traspesian wonderkid Sergio Canete being the stars of the team. FC Willemstad have also been rising with the investment of Adidas, and have signed the likes of Hamid Asma, Stefan El-Zein, Anthony Elteman, Adam Marshall and Simon Jordans in recent years.


This question has occurred several times in Brunant and whilst it could be easy for some people, it is hard for others. Most people attempt to own the largest team possible, however the likes of FC Kings, St. Marks Koningstad, Dortmund SFC, Grijzestad Strijders and Mediterranean FC will not be available. Personally I enjoy starting from scratch and along with 77topaz created a Second League club when I first joined. I have since grown the club (FC Willemstad) into a rising club in the First League with many highly-rated players. 77topaz has done the same with Grijzestad University SC, however he has not gone for the big money transfers and has instead formed his team around free/cheap transfers and youth intake. I would personally suggest a lower First League club, someone on the level of Brezonde 1920 F.C. and Charlestown FC.

Nick Talk 11:41, April 18, 2014 (UTC)

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