Yoshieisawsim Yoshieisawsim 2 February 2020

New World

Hey guys I'm inviting you all to join me on a new world I'm building. Rather than a fictional modern country set in our own world I'm building a whole Fantasy world so if any of you are interested I'd love for you to join. I'll still be building here though bc I love Brunant, and it's quite a different exercise to my fantasy worldbuilding.


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Yoshieisawsim Yoshieisawsim 12 November 2018

I'm Back

I've been pretty busy with exams but now they're over and I've got a lot of spare time so I'm going to be doing quite a bit of work here.

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Yoshieisawsim Yoshieisawsim 3 October 2018

Georgic/Middleton Island

Over the past couple of weeks I've been owrking on developing the history of Middleton Island, which I also renamed Georgic Island for logic's sake. I've been writing characters and events from quite in the past but I'd like to move to more recent times at some point. If someone could explain how politics work, both in general in Brunant and specifically in Georgic Island that would be great, also if I could have some guidance for how we decide who's in power etc.

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