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Politics Edit

You had some questions about politics, so here's some things to know. We are a constitutional monarchy. Queen Helene is head of state, and Adrian Vandreck is the new Prime Minister. We have a Politics of Brunant page, but it needs work (updating and expanding). In our recent political history, we had the 2017 general election and a long government formation which produced the shaky minority Van Buskirk government. A number of compounding issues over the summer and early September helped to bring some opposition to his government which fell just ahead of a non-confidence vote and a CDU-led minority government (Vandreck government) is heading the government until elections can be scheduled again (for early 2019 most likely). The Cape Times articles detail alot of what happened if you wanna see. horton11 13:29, October 6, 2018 (UTC)

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